Elona Greenaway, Animal Behaviourist
Chris, Sam and Cherry

I offer several types of training options:

One to one training
Not everyone is able to get to a good dog training class or their dog is too anxious and does not respond well with other distractions (dogs/strangers) so one to one training is the option of choice.

Through individual one to one training I can help you understand and communicate with your dog better. This will help you identify when your dog is anxious, wants to play and is receptive to your training.

I can help you discover the optimal method to train your dog to perform important behaviours such as walk nicely on the lead, sit and wait, greet people, gaining confidence or over come frustrations.

Training methods do not involve any form of punishment but use scientifically proven methods that encourage your dog to think and anticipate what you want by positive encouragement and reinforcements mingled with tricks and fun to eliminate boredom.

Cats can be trained too. They can perform all sorts of behaviours provided there is a reinforcement that they will respond to such as a special treat.

Please contact me to book a one to one training session.

Dr Elöna Greenaway
Animal Behaviourist
Telephone: 01255 833468
Mobile: 07540 787647


Chris and Cherry

"Elöna has been teaching me how to stop the dog pulling after birds & bikes when she's on the lead. She has also been instructing me on how to get my dog to sit & wait."

Chris and Cherry

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