Elona Greenaway, Animal Behaviourist
Shugs and her brother

Is your dog -

  • Fearful of objects, people, other dogs, noises
  • Have issues being left alone
  • Destructive
  • Aggressive
  • Noisy
  • Toileting inappropriately

As a pet owner it can be very upsetting, frustrating and even annoying if our dog starts chewing the furniture, destroying the carpet, barking constantly, hiding in corners, growling and trying to bite or simply does not understand what we ask it to do!

Is your cat -

  • Spraying up the walls, cupboards
  • Marking the furniture
  • Refusing to use the litter tray
  • Scratching you or furniture
  • Biting you
  • Not getting alone with another pet

It is also upsetting when our cats toilet on our favourite jumper, scratch the furniture or carpet to shreds or hisses and spits at everyone.

These are many traits that can have an underlying anxiety, emotional issue that can be helped through a behavioural programme working towards bringing back the enjoyment you have with a family pet.

I can help with both dog and cat behavioural problems using positive non-aversive methods working with individual physical and emotional needs to develop and tailor a programme for them and you.

Are you having problems training your dog or need advice I also offer one to one training that can be fitted around work or home life.

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Animal Behaviourist
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