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Behavioural programme

Behavioural issues are things we consider inappropriate such as jumping up, constant barking, lunging and aggression. These behaviours are performed due to a range of emotions anxiety, fear, frustration, and often lead to miscommunication between owner and pet.

A behavioural programme requires a referral from your veterinary surgeon to eliminate the possibility of a medical problem being the cause of the behaviour. An example would be aggression resulting from pain.

The programme involves two visits and a treatment plan. The initial visit considers the behavioural issue, its motivation, the pets emotions using the EMRA method developed through COAPE and owner/pet capabilities through discussion and photography or video. Taking everything into consideration a behaviour programme can be designed tailored to you and your pets individual needs. This will be detailed in person and by a written report sent to you and your referring veterinary surgeon.

A follow up visit is usually planned to consider any issues that may arise, changes that maybe needed and with your commitment the good progress continued.

Please contact me for further information about how I could help you.

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"We contacted Elöna as we had several incidents of one of our cats urinating in the house. This started when other cats came in the garden and was made worse when we had a baby. It was great to speak to someone who had the time to observe our cat, ask lots of questions and compile a detailed response. This in turn helped us to understand our cat more and we now have someone to go to."

Donna and Tess

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