Elona Greenaway, Animal Behaviourist
Elona and Pebbles

Having fun is enormously important for any animals sense of well being. Everyone loves having fun and this increases the important bonding between owner and pet or teaches independence providing important stimulation and exercise. Some activities will need be be supervised but there are lots of activities available it just depends upon what your pet prefers to do. These can include the tugger, using your local agility play ground, home or bought hide and seek toys and fishing toys.

Bella and Margaret playing in the local playground
Bella and Margaret playing in the local playground
Playing at home
Playing at home
Playing at home

Dr Elöna Greenaway
Animal Behaviourist
Telephone: 01255 833468
Mobile: 07540 787647


Chris, Elona and Cherry

"Elöna is a very caring, helpful, supportive, encouraging & patient trainer.

She has taught me about various aspects of dog behaviour so I can understand my dog better."

Chris and her dog Cherry

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