Elona Greenaway, Animal Behaviourist
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As a child I grew up with lots of cats, guinea pigs and gerbils so when a job came up at our local veterinary practice I jumped at the chance and from there I decided to train and qualify as a registered veterinary nurse.

Working in practice enabled me to help clients and their pets through sad and happy times and has been a brilliant grounding for my behavior and training.

As my household of pets grew to include a dog, hens, degus and parrots so did my ambition to train as an animal behaviourist. I wanted to help people understand why their pets did certain behaviours help them identify what they are trying to tell us so we could help them.

I chose to train through COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) because they are the only association that uses the revolutionary EMRA approach to analyse emotions, moods and reinforcements to help pets through their behavioural issues instead of classing them abnormal or grouping them into the same treatment programme forgetting their individual needs. They believe in using positive non-aversive methods that have been scientifically proven in all treatment and training programmes. They abhor punishment methods.

I completed my diploma in 2012 followed by an advanced diploma in 2013 becoming a COAPE behaviourist and trainer.

I adhere to a code of practice that always considers the welfare of the animal in any programme using the owner and pets capabilities and lots of positive fun methods.

CAPBT affiliate member

Dr Elöna Greenaway
Animal Behaviourist
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